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 Update 9-18-08: Launch Day!!

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Guild Master
Guild Master

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PostSubject: Update 9-18-08: Launch Day!!   Thu 18 Sep 2008 - 10:55

Okay, it's the official launch day!!

Woooooo!! cheers

Once you are in game, and you do not have the guild tag yet, look for myself or Slice (Liyhe in game). Right now we are the only ones who can hand out membership.

Okay, let's go to WAR!!!

Free you mind and let your dreams fly, -me

Main: Gildridge: Rank 40 IB
Alt: Ninya: Rank 29 KotBS

Not Me. We. -Kevin Garnett
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Guild Secretary
Guild Secretary

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PostSubject: Re: Update 9-18-08: Launch Day!!   Thu 18 Sep 2008 - 11:59

Ummm actually look for GIl I am stuck at work till 7PM est! BOOO THE EVIL CHAOS GOD OF WORK!
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Update 9-18-08: Launch Day!!
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