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 ventrilo? ages? time zones?

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PostSubject: ventrilo? ages? time zones?   Fri 12 Sep 2008 - 5:57

just as the subject says curious about those aspects of any guild me and my somewhat large group of friends would be joining.
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PostSubject: Re: ventrilo? ages? time zones?   Fri 12 Sep 2008 - 12:04

Ventrilo: It'll be here, we're just working on cost/payment atm. Once our numbers warrent it, we'll have it, rest assured. We know how valuable and necessary it is.

Ages: Atm, our ages are all in the mid to late 20's.

Time Zones: I am EST, so RvR and such will be based there, however we already have Central and PST members, so expect RvR events to sometimes start around 7-8-9 EST so that PST members will be able to join in during weeknights. Depending on what's going on event times will change. All members know that the guild and the Realm come first, so when opportunity strikes we will be striking. Weekends probably earlier because ppl will have more time. I've personally done the EST-PST blending in other MMOs, so I know it can work out fine.

Hope that helps.

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PostSubject: Re: ventrilo? ages? time zones?   Mon 15 Sep 2008 - 17:02

I'm 22, and I agree we definitely need the hook up on ventrilo. It's necessary for quick relaying of information if you're in the heat of things.. and helps formulate better strats and stuff. Plus for me, it's just a lot funner being able to use voice chat altogether
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PostSubject: Re: ventrilo? ages? time zones?   

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ventrilo? ages? time zones?
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