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PostSubject: To all visitors   Tue 9 Sep 2008 - 17:57

Hi. Gildridge, here.

As it is probably obvious, we are having some growing pains here at LW. People are obviously taking some interest, but for some reason or another we are failing to close the deal, so to speak. Therefore, I have opened this small section to all who visit us.

Please, if you are liking what you see, but feel as though you do not want to really join, we want to know why. What is is about LW that makes it almost good, yet not enough for you to want to join up.

Is it our current size?

Are people afraid to put time into a new guild with no garuntee of future success?

Are our policies too rough looking?

Please we want your feedback so that we can try and fix possible turn offs.

Thanks for your time, and I personally will appreciate any feedback potential applicants can give.

Free you mind and let your dreams fly, -me

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Not Me. We. -Kevin Garnett
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To all visitors
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