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 Guild Policies

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PostSubject: Guild Policies   Fri 1 Aug 2008 - 11:44

As members of Legendary Warriors, we expect you to act with a certain level of decorum and not like a bunch of idiot asshats. When interacting with each other and other players of Warhammer, try to maintain a level respect according to the following policies, because remember your actions are a reflection on how the Guild will be viewed.


1- Be respectful to other Guild members and players. Don't flame for no reason, don't be a jerk, don't treat people like dirt. If there is ever a problem with someone, talk to me or another officer and we'll sort it out. Never be afraid to come to me or other high ranking officers with a problem.

2- Controled swearing. Hey, we're not anal, we're not against a normal amount of cursing. We all do it, just don't make it your second language. Don't talk like some crazy ass with every other word a swear.

3- Stay focused in battle. Listen to the people with the plans. Most of the time they know what they are talking about. Don't go soloing unless you have been asked to scout something.

Please...no Leeeeerooooooooooy Jenkins.

4- Going AFK. Tell us. Please please please tell someone if you are going AFK during battle or an event. No one will yell at you if you have to go AFK for a few minutes. Just tell us. The worst thing you can do is go AFK during battle without telling anyone. Multiple bad things can happen when someone silently goes AFK. We will not tolerate unannounced AFKing because it hurts the Guild as a whole during battle.

Just tell someone...please.

5- Attendance. Do we want you to be here? Yes. Are we going to keep track? Yes and no. We're not going to constantly bug you to be at Guild Events all the time. If you can't make it, we're not going to hold it against you. Sometimes a person simply can't be there.

6- No Ganking/Griefing. If I or any other member hears you are participating in any form of Ganking or Griefing, especially of low level players, expect serious reprocusions. A fair fight against enemies off the RvR areas is one thing, where it's a party against a party or relative numbers. But under no circumstances will the hunting of low levels be tolerated, chicken mechanic or no chicken mechanic.

7- If it gets back to me or any other officer that you are being a disruptive force to the server community, you will get one warning and one warning only. Continued inappropriate behavior after that one warning will result in your removal from Legendary Warriors.

8- Real Money Transfer. RMT is a cancer in MMOs. Don't use it, or else expect severe consequences.

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Guild Policies
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