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 Weirdness and Excitingness

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Legendary Squire
Legendary Squire

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PostSubject: Weirdness and Excitingness   Wed 3 Dec 2008 - 18:11

I know excitingness is not a word, but I like it. Here are some pictures that I've taken over the last couple of months:

These first two are of me fighting the horrifying "G13 Invisible Buff Monster". It appeared after I finished the Barrel of Fun quest, and I couldn't even hit it, but it could hit me. Strange.

Now one of a glitch that resulted in a big pile of zombies.

And now a few from last week when we rolled over all of the Dwarf Lands (almost taking Black Crag, which we eventually did a few days later). This was from the assault on Ironskin Keep, which lasted all of about 2 minutes with the 3 or 4 warbands we had together. Just for some perspective, according to my CPU the first picture was taken at 9:23:44pm, and the last one at 9:25:02pm. Pretty quick Smile

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Guild Secretary
Guild Secretary

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PostSubject: Re: Weirdness and Excitingness   Wed 3 Dec 2008 - 20:28

That is a lot of order players...ahh its the order Zerg machine!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is forgotten, nothing is forgiven! From the high elf codex...dont remember which edition.

Archmage - Liyhe, Level 34, 31 renown
Swordmaster - Salathera, Level 21, 21 renown
White Lion - Raybien, Level 24, 21 renown
Bright Wizard - Narth, Level 6
Shadow Warrior - Ehlana, Level 11, renown 9

Eighty plus lvls on character.....enough for 2 rank 40's.
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Weirdness and Excitingness
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