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 Guild News: 11-12-08

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PostSubject: Guild News: 11-12-08   Wed 12 Nov 2008 - 16:42

As with many other moderate to small guilds, LW suffering some lulls in our membership due to a combination of inactivity brought on by a mulitude of things: outright quitting of the game, returns to WoW, New console games, and plain old burn out.

So, any restrictions to classes has been removed, and we are welcoming all class applications once more. Now, applications do go under review by LW's higher ranking officers, so if you are applying know it will take a couple of days before you get the In or Out answer, though I do reply quickly when we receieve your application.

Our most active members are spread out between Tiers 2 and 4, so there is something there for everyone. If you check out our forum (link in the sig), you'll see we are still casual-semi hardcore, which means I and the other officers are not all over you to level your butts off in a hurry. We want you to have fun, but at this time we are also looking for a fresh supply of regularly active players to help reinvigorate us. Our goal is to be a productive, active guild (in conjunction with our own alliance members) in Tier 4 so we can contribute to the overall efforts of Order, but as with many smaller guilds we lack the concentrated numbers and regularity to do so.

However, despite aspirations of being a relatively moderate to large guild, we at LW still believe in quality over quantity. So if you are sure you are sticking with WAR, play on a decently regular basis, want to have fun yet desire to gather with others who have the desire to excel and achieve the best WAR has to offer, then I continue to invite you to come check us out.

If you are in game and want to talk, feel free to speak to any LW officer. We are willing to talk with you at length, but applications will still be required.

Thanks for your time, and hope to see you on the battlefield.

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Guild News: 11-12-08
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