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PostSubject: Manifesto   Thu 31 Jul 2008 - 22:27

We are Legendary Warriors.

We have joined together because excellence draws upon excellence. From all across the lands, be you human, dwarf, or elf, those with powerful, unyielding spirits have come to this place seeking something greater than themselves. There is a cry in the air, and it calls for you to raise your chin and accept the Destiny which has been placed before you. Together we shall strive to be the best of the best through Unity, Valor, Devotion, Understanding, and Perseverance.

Any weaknesses we have will be washed away by the force of our unbreakable Unity. Back to back, weapons raised and shields at the ready, there is nothing more powerful than us when our strength is pooled together. The enemy ranks will shudder as we march forward with a single purpose...a single stare...a single unified roar that heralds our victory on the winds.

Because we are Legendary Warriors.

No challenge will be too great for the Valor in our hearts. Be it in the face of the hording Greenskins, the Murderous Dark Elves, or the might of Chaos we will always stand our ground and never run from battle. Our face's will never look aside, our hard gazes always fixed on our enemies. We do not see defeat. We only see victory.

Because we are Legendary Warriors.

Our hearts and pledged and our ears are open in Devotion to the goal of Excellence in eachother. Know that we are the elite...the strongest of the strong...wisest of the wise...bravest of the brave. We are here because we see the reflection of ourselves in our brethren. Should any call for aid, not one but a hundred will rush in defense because that one calls with your own voice! We are not strangers. Through Devotion to your kin, you will see nothing but the desire for victory.

Because we are Legendary Warriors.

Our minds are open through Understanding, unhindered by that which would separate us. Be you man, dwarf, or elf, there is no difference between you. Should the kingdom under the earth call for aid, we will be there. Should the rolling lands of man hearken for assistance, we will be there. Should the graced spires of elvenkind need support, we will be there. In these times of reckoning, we are blessed with the Understanding that any ills of old must be forgotten so that all realms may band together in victory.

Because we are Legendary Warriors.

Through all we shall Persevere. Our hearts strong and our minds wise, we will take the battle to the ends of the earth with knowledge that should we fail the end times will be upon us and our homes shall burn to ruin. Our skills are keen, our gazes focused, and our wills set. Let the enemy know that they have entered into their final dance. At the end of our blades they will find only death, while we continue our march towards victory and into legend.

We are Legendary Warriors.
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