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 Tier 3 keeps - aka Destro zergfest

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PostSubject: Tier 3 keeps - aka Destro zergfest   Sun 19 Oct 2008 - 0:00

Black Fire Pass
I forgot our victory shots. Whoops. But here are the depressing parts of the night!

The plug:

Let's play "guess what happens next", shall we?

And... correct!

The next game is called "How many members of Alliance of Steel can you spot?"

Just two epic-battle-scene-ish shots:

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PostSubject: Re: Tier 3 keeps - aka Destro zergfest   Sun 19 Oct 2008 - 15:35

Woot im in a sscreenshot, yeah thats my dead body alright in the corner of screenshot 3. Very Happy

It was a fun night, I mean yeah the zerg was a bunch of bull but I still had some fun taking the keep and defending it before they broke the final door down.
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Tier 3 keeps - aka Destro zergfest
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