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 Officer Ranks

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PostSubject: Officer Ranks   Sat 2 Aug 2008 - 21:52

It has become apparent that our original designs for a guild command structure are not realistic at this time. Our numbers are too few, and what we originall envisioned was meant for a grander scale. Therefore, the LW Officer ranks have been simplified. None of our officers have changed, but our overall command structure with purposes has. The WAR is played and the way things are, this, I believe, is better for everyone.

All Ranks are still merit based. You do well, you show promise and potential, and we'll reward you.

Guild Officers

Guild Master: Gildridge

Guild Secretary: Liyhe

Elder Council:




Guild Master- Just like it sounds the Guild Master is in charge of everything. While others may advise him, he makes the final decision. If there is a dispute and the GM is unwilling to yield, only a vote of the Elder Council positions may overrule him.

Guild Secretary - The Guild Secretary charge of the money, the accumulated gear, and keeping track of all members. The GS also runs the day to day bureaucratic operations that keeps the Guild running: dealing with daily events, communication between different parts of the Guild, etc.

Elder: A Guild Elder is just that, someone who has been around and can be trusted and counted on to help move the Guild forward. All Elders, along with the GM and GS, make up the Elder Council where decisions that effect the Guild as a whole are deliberated and made: ie, applications, Alliance issues, etc.

Officers: The basic LW Officer is an everyday man/woman. They are out there in the trenches slugging away with anybody and everybody. They are dependable, and know how to do their jobs and can be counted on to successfully take the lead when necessary in WAR events. They know how to do their jobs, and they know how to work with others to get things done.

Apprentice: The entry level to the Officer Ranks. You are not really in any sort of decision making role...or really any different from the regular members. However, you have showed potential and earned the right to be considered for promotion.

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Officer Ranks
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