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PostSubject: AHHHHHHH title   Fri 10 Oct 2008 - 5:08

Sorry I'd been gone a couple of days. I was trying to catch up with work, and trust me, there are few things less joyful than debugging code.

Anyway, came back and finally got the title. A week or two ago, I actually spent time respawning and jumping off cliffs over and over again. I know I went above 30 (I counted), but still no dice. Today, I saw a cliff, decided I was suicidal, and took the plunge. Without further ado...

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PostSubject: Re: AHHHHHHH title   Fri 10 Oct 2008 - 12:19

I is jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back Potwasher.

Nothing is forgotten, nothing is forgiven! From the high elf codex...dont remember which edition.

Archmage - Liyhe, Level 34, 31 renown
Swordmaster - Salathera, Level 21, 21 renown
White Lion - Raybien, Level 24, 21 renown
Bright Wizard - Narth, Level 6
Shadow Warrior - Ehlana, Level 11, renown 9

Eighty plus lvls on character.....enough for 2 rank 40's.
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PostSubject: Re: AHHHHHHH title   Fri 10 Oct 2008 - 13:55

WB Potwasher =D and grats on the title!
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PostSubject: Re: AHHHHHHH title   

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