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 New Player Request

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PostSubject: New Player Request   Tue 16 Sep 2008 - 17:51

Hey Guys,

I'm have some experience with MMO's. Have played, WoW, FFXI, RF, DaoC, LOTRO, AOC and Vanguard. Now I have dropped them all and I'm trying WAR. I'm looking for a guild of mature players, mostly adults. I came across your post on Ten Ton Hammer and figured I'd post here and see if you guys are currently recruiting. I don't know what time zone you guys operate in or the specifics.

I'm EST. I will be online tonight and look forward to talking to one of the officers and perhaps joining the guild. I just started before yesterday and I'm a Shadow Warrior rank 3 I think. I've always played, the hunter/ranger class. I used to be a hardcore gamer but now have shifted to casual because of work Mad

At any rate, please contact me in-game or in this forum. Thanks! pirat Look forward to turning some greenies into pin cushions! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: New Player Request   Tue 16 Sep 2008 - 18:03

Followed the rules. E-mail sent in correct format. afro
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New Player Request
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